Clean Water Initiative

Clean Water Initiative

Improving coastal water quality has been one of the Surfrider Foundation’s top priorities over the last 30 years. Our Clean Water Initiative strives to protect our water resources and prevent pollution from reaching the ocean.

Ocean pollution is a serious problem. What is in our ocean water affects both the health of beachgoers and the sea creatures we love. For example, over 20,000 swim advisories and beach closures are issued every year to protect the health of beachgoers across the U.S. It’s unacceptable that a day at the beach could result in stomach flu, skin rashes, pinkeye, respiratory infections or worse.

Surfrider fights for clean water.

We protect our water resources and prevent pollution along our coasts and waterways through community engagement, water testing, planting ocean friendly landscapes, and by advocating for holistic clean water solutions.

When you support the Surfrider Foundation, you support our dedicated volunteers who are testing our ocean water for bacteria and toxins, raising public awareness and finding real solutions to ocean pollution through our Blue Water Task Force program.

You’ll also support our Ocean Friendly Gardens program, which prevents polluted runoff from reaching our ocean and local waterways, by simply planting landscapes that conserve water and filter pollution before they reach our beloved ocean.



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